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About Us

Our purpose with the entire organization team based on provide customer loyalty with our quality and standards. To exceed all expectations and create unforgettable memories; our workmates, working partners and suppliers work highly dedicated and customer oriented.

Our goal is; performing exceptional , unusual and innovative organization & design capabilities according to your destination and imagination by making the value of touches to turn a long – standing partnership.

We look forward to working you on your event!

Our Services

Social and Corporate Events

VIP Decoration Design

Concept Creation + Consultancy

Planning + Implementation

Why Us?

Dalika Experience

At Dalika we create stunning experiences based on unforgattable memories, our attentive team tends to the smallest detail and ensure absolut customer satisfaction. Whether the event is boutique or mega, our creative designers can turn your black space into a wonderland. Of course not just that, our production team actualize it with being sensitive listeners and uniquely responsive to your needs.

We are creative on decorations, we try to know you to create specific ideas. Our team is our family.

We aim to gain friends, not just clients. We work with transparent budgets, we believe in these method for standing behind our financial responsibility and commitment. No surprises.

And also, we really know how to party..